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Benefits of Using a Treadmill That You May Not Have Thought About

People often weigh the option of using a treadmill or another type of exercising equipment indoors and in doing activities outdoors.  Both have great advantages and we will explore some of the advantages of having a treadmill and exercise equipment at home, while also listing some of the advantages of running outdoors.

Save Time and Exercise Efficiently

One of the greatest benefits of owning a treadmill or exercise equipment at home is that it provides you with an opportunity to save time by doing a quick workout of 30 min or more while having the shower right beside you.  There is no lost time of coming back home after a long - run only then to have to shower and to continue with your day.


This is also a great advantage and especially an advantage for women.  It has been discovered that women in particular can be sensitive or uncomfortable in working out with unfamiliar men around them.  The same can possibly be true for men.  Nevertheless, when marketing reports were issued, many women cited one of the main reasons as working out at home due to the privacy they have in working out.  This is of course a great advatage in owning exercise equipment at home that includes treadmill, ellipticals, stationary bikes or any other form of equipment that can allow you to achieve results in the privacy of your home.

Leisure and Entertainment

Perhaps another great benefit to working out at home is the ability to watch your favorite show, catch up on the news, or watch a movie while working out.  You can enjoy the leisure of your television while burning calories on your favorite fitness unit.

Stationary Equipment

If you have ever run beside a lake or along a path that is not circular like a track around a football field, you will know exactly what I mean by having to figure out your running distance before turning back.  One of the main advantages of owning a treadmill for example is that it is stationary and that the workout can be stopped at anytime, unlike a run on a one-way track where 2 km in one direction will have to be re-ran by coming back the same distance.  If at any point you want to stop the run, you still have to come back to your original location.

Less Stress on the Joints

When working out on fitness equipment there can be less stress on the joints than when performing the same exercise outdoors.  Taking running for example, one can see that running outdoors will usually exert more effort than running on a treadmill.  The amount of additional effort is actually due to the exertion in the propelling of the body forward, whereas the force is lower on a treadmill because the motor spins the belt.  Nevertheless, the amount of additional exertion and the difference it makes to individuals will vary from person to person.

Easy Configuration of the Terrain and Difficulty

Another great advantage of a treadmill or any other fitness unit is that the degree of difficulty can be reasonably adjusted.  Whereas outdoors, nature itself is the creator of the terrain, indoors you can create the terrain you wish.  While running on a path, you really can't control where the hills start and stop, but on a treadmill, this can be relativelly easily controlled, with inclination and speed controls.

Anytime, Any Weather Training

Yet another advantage to owning fitness equipment is that you never need to put off your workout because of bad weather conditions.  While its sunny outside its beautiful to run, but it is very difficult and not recommended to run outdoors while snowing or raining.  Hence, owning fitness equipment can provide you with your work out when you need, at any time that you need, and whenever you have the time.  You can leave time aside whenever you have time to run, or whenever you choose to use your time to run.

As you can see, there are many benefits to owning fitness equipment, and lets now briefly explore some of the benefits of running or exercising outdoors.

Outdoor Activities

Everyone loves doing outdoor activities when it beautiful or sunny outside, and we recommend that you do so as long as your physician approves as well.  Some of the benefits of course include the fresh air, a new terrain, various and differing activities that cannot be done indoors like swimming, hiking and team sports.  All of these benefits are great and can be used for fun, for pleasure, or for personal goals.  The benefits are unique and can be discussed further in our future blogs, but for the time being we will let you explore the advantages of owning fitness equipment and in exercising outdoors, because it really is not one or the other, but the two are complementary and can be utilized together during the course of the year.

We will re-iterate the benefits we mentioned for a future quick refresher look.

Benefits of Owning Indoor Fitness Equipment

  • Save Time and Exercise Efficiently
  • Privacy
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Stationary Equipment
  • Less Stress on the Joints
  • Easy Configuration of the Terrain and Difficulty
  • Anytime, Any Weather Training


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PLEASE NOTE:  The opinions expressed are expressed solely for informational purposes in sharing the knowledge known to the company at the time.  RM Fitness Repair does not endorse or promote the taking part in any of the activities described if those activities are not endorsed by your physician.  Before taking part in any physical activities please consult with your physician.  RM Fitness Repair reserves the right not to be held liable for any interpretation or misinterpretation of the opinions and / or beliefs expressed in the blog or any activities that individuals take part in on their sole discretion whether or not influenced by the blog.  Please use caution in all physical activities and ensure that you exercise right.

Friday, April 23, 2010

RM Fitness Repair - Used Equipment Buying Guide

Recommended Used Equipment Buying Guide

If you're considering buying fitness equipment the first decision you have to make is if you will buy the fitness equipment new or used.  If you buy new fitness equipment chances are good that it will be in perfect working order and that it will come with a warranty.  If you're buying used fitness equipment - the market is completely open.

We will outline a few of the basic tips that you should consider when buying your used fitness equipment so that you can get the most value for your money while avoiding expensive repairs in the meanwhile.  These tips are directly from the owner of RM Fitness Repair and he has been in the business for well over 20 years.

The Main Rule: Check for Noises

It seems like a pretty common sense mention to check for the noises and make sure that the unit is not making any.  However, the sales party may downplay these items when selling the unit and buyers may fall in the trap of underestimating the noises the units make.  While a click or clack here and there may not seem all that troubling at first, it could turn out to be very serious including motor malfunction, belt timing, control board and an entire array of problems that can increase the repair bill.

If you choose RM Fitness Repair we will do our best to make sure that we get your unit working for less - and we really mean that we have customer service in our best interest in keeping your costs down while providing you with absolute quality.  Nevertheless, most buyers would want to avoid having to call for repairs right after their purchase.

The rule of thumb from the owner is: "If the Unit is Making Noises" - Do Not Buy It"

Treadmills - Check the Belt

On treadmills make sure to check underneath the belt.  If it's black or grey underneath it means the belt is worn and that you will need a new belt or deck pretty soon.  This is definitely a bad indication and you should avoid the unit or ask the seller to replace the belt before purchasing.  You could also of course call us or your trusted repair service provider and get a quote on the repair and then discount this cost off of the seller's asking price.  Nevertheless, the owner's rule of thumb is "If the Belt is Grey or Black Underneath - Do Not Buy It".

Another item to check is whether the motor is struggling when you step on the treadmill.  If it seems that it's running fine on it's own step on the treadmill to see how it handles the weight.  It's normal that the belt will not move as fast with your weight on it than when it is running on its own, but a struggling motor will show with struts and stutters or a more than proportional slow in it's ability to essentially make you run.  The rule of thumb is of course, "If the Motor is Struggling - Do Not Buy It".  Motor repairs can be expensive and they are definitely an unnecessary cost when you have just bought the treadmill.

Ellipticals - Check Resistance

If you are looking at used ellipticals, ensure that you check for any noises as with all other equipment and use our standard rule of thumb.  Additionally, check for the resistance and if it is holding when applying the resistance all the way up and all the way down.  Any misalignment or problems in resistance change should signal warning signs and serious caution.  We advise that you err on the side of caution and avoid any fitness equipment that has its malfunctions or what would seem like malfunctions.  Our rule of thumb is "Ensure Perfect Resistance Functioning on Ellipticals."

Exercise Bikes - Check Axel Bearings and Brakes

On all exercise bikes, again check for any noises and particularly for noises related to the axle bearings or the brake assembly.  These components are likely to wear down the quickest and are the likely hot spots that should provide you with warning signs as to the future use of the equipment.  "Ensure that the Axel Bearings and Brake Assembly on Exercise Bikes Do Not Make Noises and that they are in Perfect Working Condition."

All Units

On all the units check all of the buttons and make sure they work.  If the unit comes with additional accessories like heart rate monitors check these as well and ensure that they are in perfect working order.  Also ensure that the console is providing an accurate heart rate reading by double checking with your pulse and manual counting if you wish or any other method you know.

Important words of advice - "Do Not Be Shy - Check the Unit Thoroughly - For at Least 15-20 minutes".  Often problems on fitness equipment are not noticed until they have been working for some time.  It takes time for the motor to warm up on treadmills for you to notice problems of overheating or to feel it struggle underneath your feet.  Gears on exercise bikes may start making noise only after resistance has been applied to them for a certain length of time.  It may be a good idea to actually use the unit as you would at home when testing it before purchase because malfunctions should definitely show after a period of time.

Key words to also remember, "Never Pay More than Half of the Original Price of the Fitness Equipment."  Used equipment cannot carry its value like new fitness equipment simply because of all of the unknowns that we have mentioned including the major factor of warranty.  Most fitness equipment does not come with a warranty and thus your purchase cannot be guaranteed to run for the next three or so years, like new fitness equipment.  Hence, to get the most value for your money - make sure you do not overpay when buying used, ensure that you pay half or less than half, and get value for your money.

If the unit you are purchasing is re-built or re-manufactured, ensure that you ask the seller for a receipt of the replaced parts and for the warranty on the unit itself.  When buying rebuilt, the rule of thumb is "If it's Rebuilt - Ask for Receipts of Replacement Parts and for Warranty".  As you already may know, rebuilt units have broken down in the past.  As such, it is a huge risk when buying these rebuilt units if they do not carry a warranty with them or adequate paperwork as to the replacement parts.

Final rule of thumb is to, "Avoid Fitness Equipment Listed as Used Occasionally".  Just like the disks on a car become rusty from under-use and storage, so can the gears on an exercise bike or the rollers on a treadmill.  Of course you can apply our recommended 15-20 minute test to ensure that all gears, rollers, and bearing are running smooth as well as the overall performance of the unit, but the rule of thumb is to try to avoid these units.

RM Fitness Repair Rules of Thumb

1. "If the Unit is Making Noise - Do Not Buy It."
2. "If the Belt on a Treadmill is Black or Grez Underneath - Do Not Buy It. "
3. "If the Motor is Struggling - Do Not Buy It. "
4. "Checking the Resistance on Ellipticals is Key - Ensure Proper Working Order. "
5. "Ensure No Noise is Coming From the Axel Bearings or Brake Assembly on Exercise Bikes."
6. "Don't Be Shy - Check Thoroughly - At Least for 15-20 minutes. "
7. "Check the Original Price - Never Pay More than Half for Used Fitness Equipment. "
8. "For Rebuilt Units - Ask for a Receipt for the Replacement Parts and for Warranty on the Unit."
9. "Avoid Units Listed as Used Occasionally."

RM Fitness Repair Customer Service Extension

"You can always call on RM Fitness Repair for advice or for a quote on the repairs on a unit that you think may have problems in the future.  We can provide an assessment and allow you to discount the price from the seller."
"Once you have purchased the equipment, you can call us for an overall assessment, check and tune-up of your equipment and we can provide you with a warranty if you wish."
"Even if you feel comfortable or would like more advice on buying used treadmills, you can talk to one of our technicians or hire them out for your trip to ensure that you get the most value for your money.  It is worthwhile especially when considering more expensive units."

 "We Exist for Our Customers and Our Future Customers and We Will Do Our Best to Ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction and That We Go That Extra Mile."

Apply the Standard Rule - "Don't Be Shy - Call or Ask" - for what you may like or need in order to make your buying experience a good one.

Check for all additional information that you may require.

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The Famous Speed Sensor Error

“Most people think that when they get the “Speed Sensor Error” that they need a new speed sensor and in 99% of the cases this is not so.”

I wanted to provide my customers and fans with an update and essentially a tip in figuring out the real problem behind the speed sensor error. 

Technically speaking if someone gets a Speed Sensor Error it could be several items that may be causing the problem including the Speed Sensor, the Motor, the Motor Control Board, a Communication problem, or the Power Supply.

Follow me as I troubleshoot this famous error and see in which scenario your treadmill or fitness unit fits in.

Check 1:  If your unit starts moving then stops, and then shows the Speed Sensor Error, then it is the Speed Sensor in this case.

Check 2:  If your unit does not move at all then it is not the Speed Sensor. So let's find out what it can be.  Now we are looking at the Drive Motor, the Lower Control Board, or a Communication Problem.

Elimination 1:  The Drive Motor – A technician will check the drive motor by a volts meter to determine if there is a charge or simply take a 9V battery, disconnect the red and black motor cables from the motor control board and connect them to the 9V battery.  Now if the motor does not move then the motor is the problem.  If it moves now we are looking at the Lower Control Board or the Communication between the Upper and Lower Control Boards. (Please See Cautionary Note at the End of the Article)

Elimination 2: Communication Check:  One possible reason the Lower Control Board is not functioning is because of the communication problem between the Upper and Lower Control Boards.  The way to check if it is a communication problem is the following:

The Unit should be turned on and the "Start" button should be pressed.  Once the button is pressed the technician will listen for a click.  A click signifies the relay starting to send power to the drive motor.  Hence, if there is a click and nothing happens then it's again the Lower Control Board or in other words, the Motor Control Board.  This is because the communication is functioning between the relay and the Upper Control Board.  However, if there is no click at all then it's simply a communication problem between the control boards.

 Elimination 3: The Lower Control Board - If the motor works fine in "Elimination 1" and there is a click to the relay in “Elimination 2” then the problem is in the Lower Control Board which is responsible for the Speed Sensor Error in 99% of the cases.  In this case the unit would require a new Lower Control Board.

“As you can see, the famous “Speed Sensor Error” is actually a problem with the Lower Control Board in 99% of the cases and has nothing to do with the Speed Sensor.”

We hope this article gives you a better insight into the functioning of your unit and strongly caution against performing any maintenance yourselves unless qualified to do so.  Please read our cautionary statement at the end, and thank you for reading.

We hope you enjoyed RM Fitness Repair's Service Tips.


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Caution:  RM Fitness Repair does not suggest or promote the servicing of any fitness equipment by customers themselves nor does it promote the servicing of fitness equipment by unqualified personnel.  Customers should use extreme caution when attempting to service their own equipment and do so at their own risk.  A certified technician is only a call away in terms of providing the best service to the units, and RM Fitness Repair does not accept any responsibility or liability arising from anyone attempting to service their own equipment.  The article is simply written to provide more information for consumers in terms of their equipment and the nature of the equipment's malfunction.

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